Job Posting: Investor Wanted

The Future is now seeking full time Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists to join their team of dreamers, inventors, astronauts, artists, pioneers, and explorers. The Investor will partner with The Future to implement an extraordinarily ambitious vision for the future of business. Interested in transformational technologies that augment the best of human creativity and imagination, you won’t be building weather apps or role playing games; you’ll be building audacious companies who want to make a dent in the universe. Your job will be to ensure other investors who join your team are passionate about funding the future, not features. A bit contrarian, you'll advocate unpopular investments that may be hard to assess, but have exponential potential for being enormously valuable. You’ll use decades, not months, to measure your window of opportunity. 

Qualifications and Characteristics: You must - 

  • Have experience creating something new, preferably new markets, but this experience may also include new technology and businesses
  • Be comfortable with and interested in the tensions of money and meaning, transaction and transcendence
  • Believe in teams as much as ideas, and have a track record of empowering founding teams, not firing them
  • Have rolled the dice on creative businesses with the potential to change the world, and won
  • Want to build a business culture and brand that posits intuition and creativity
  • Be connected to a network of the world’s greatest technical talent, as well as the most renown creative minds in design thinking
  • Have experience aligning wild-eyed passion with humble wisdom
  • Have at least 10 years experience seeking out breathtaking beauty in the world on a daily basis
  • Like solving hard and interesting problems, like how to inspire the next generation of innovators to create a yet-to-be-imagined world 
  • Have as many art, poetry, and design books in your library as you do business books
  • Always be ready to argue that the internet is not dead, but is ready to rock and roll
  • Masters of Business Futures or equivalent degree or experience

If this sounds like you or if you’re looking for a team to build a time machine, we look forward to hearing from you!