Hello. My name is Joel. 

I'm a husband, daddy of two, award-winning design and strategy leader. I also lecture and speak about design and creativity, and consult with organizations of all sizes about how to navigate a future of uncertainty. This page is intended to make getting to know me a bit easier since not everything fits on a resume nicely. My hope is to give you a sense of how I think, how I lead, and how I create value. Though I'm sure I'll leave something out, so just reach out – I'd love to have a conversation.

First things first, here is a PDF of my resume – the liner notes of my career. For a bit more perspective, here is my LinkedIn profile. To get a sense of what I've been thinking about recently, take some time to scroll through my twitter feed or read a few of my recent posts, starting with this one. For a broader picture of what I've been curious about this year, the bottom of this page includes a list of the books I've read in 2016.

Below is a high level overview of my core competencies and relevant skills.

For a broad picture of what I've been curious about this year, below is a list of the books I've read in 2016.



"I marveled at all the smart people at the table, all saying very intelligent and important sounding things, many talking over or past each other. I'm a bit out of my element so usually sit quietly, listening, and noticed someone else just listening as well. He did that a lot. But he did speak up, when he had something to add to the conversation. I noticed that he knew his stuff. And I noticed that everyone else stopped talking when he spoke, and listened, intently. And there was usually a few moments of quiet as his message was absorbed, and the conversation would then launch into an exciting new direction. Joel knows his stuff. I asked Joel to join the Ladybug House Board of Directors, and am extremely glad he agreed to serve. I always listen to Joel." – Bernel Goldberg, General Counsel at The Seattle Symphony


"To Whom It May Concern,  I have had the pleasure to work with Joel Fariss at the architectural design firm NBBJ. NBBJ is one of the largest architectural and design firms in the country with offices across the US and internationally in Europe and Asia. I have encountered very few individuals professionally who make such a positive impact as Joel. After working directly with Joel, I find his thinking and style of communication clear, thoughtful, positive, and collaborative. It is rare to find a person like Joel whose depth of thought builds momentum and energy around new ideas. He helps architectural teams bring meaning to the work we do, the forms we create, and he builds confidence with clients. I highly recommend Joel for any position that strives for collaboration, depth of thought, leadership, and excellence." – Katie Davis, Senior Associate at NBBJ


"Joel is a highly creative, strategic thinker. He is collaborative, and contributes ideas and unorthodox thinking to any conversation. He worked with our design teams to find and infuse meaning with the designs...from hospital campuses, to corporate identities. He has a pure design aesthetic, and always strives to elevate the quality of the work." – Eric Levine, Principal at NBBJ


"Joel is a business savvy thought leader and has brought new thinking to our firm. He is highly articulate and very practical in his approach. I hope to work with Joel again soon!" – Mark Conway, Manager of Business Development at Lydig